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A Modular Home build is different from the traditional home building process. These homes are sometimes called PreFabs or Prefabricated Homes. Monmouth County Modular Home BuildingRather than being built on-site, Modular Homes are manufactured in factories then transported to the location to be assembled. This process can reduce construction time by up to 30 percent. While traditional home building methods can take months to complete from start to finish, Modular Homes are able to be built in just a couple of weeks. Because of this, modular homes offer cost-saving benefits. Since these homes are built in a professional manufacturing location, the quality is hardly questioned!

Bravo Builders offers Modular Home Building in Monmouth County New Jersey as well as the surrounding areas in nearby Ocean County New Jersey. Bravo Builders allows you to customize your new home from the ground up, giving you the opportunity to build your dream home in a cost-effective, time-friendly manner.


Benefits Of Modular Home Builds In New Jersey

A Modular Home, or Prefabs, offers plenty of benefits for shoppers looking to create their new home. First, time: Modular Homes are built in a much quicker fashion than traditional home building. Because the homes are delivered on-site prefabricated, the builder simply needs to install. Rather than waiting on different contractors to arrive, waiting on the weather to clear or relying on that one detrimental shipment of material that ultimately gets lost, Bravo Builders is able to build your Modular Home in a matter of just a few weeks with minimal interruptions.

Modular Homes are budget-friendly yet they still have the same build quality, if not better, than traditional home builds! A common misconception is that Modular Homes consist of cheap materials. This is incorrect! Bravo Builders uses the highest quality pre-fabrication suppliers available to order the materials for your home. These materials are the same that would be used in a traditional home build. The only difference is the location in which they are initially put together.

Modular Homes are environment-friendly when compared to traditional home builds! Because the fabrication of the home is mainly indoors produced by professional manufacturers focused on the production of pre-fab homes, waste is at a minimum. These manufacturers have perfected their building process to ensure that there is no left-over material to go to waste.



Bravo Builders Is New Jersey’s #1 Modular Home Builder

Bravo Builders was founded in 1955 as a mason contracting company in Scotch Plains, NJ by Gabriele Bravo, Sr. The company is now run by Gabe Bravo, Jr. and we now service full turn key building contracting to handle all phases of construction. Over the span of many years, Bravo Builders has completed hundreds of custom modular homes, renovations & additions. We offer a turnkey solution that includes the design and complete construction management of your building project. We have developed a close relationship with all of our customers and our goal is to provide top quality workmanship with reasonable prices through integrity.

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