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Bravo Builders is a House Lifting & House Raising Contractor based in Point Pleasant, NJ. Elevating your Monmouth County or Ocean County NJ home is a daunting thought. It requires significant contractor experience in structural and design components. The House Lifting experts at Bravo Builders can help you increase the safety and value of your home all while protecting your family and possessions. 


Home Lifting Services At The Jersey Shore


Hiring a House Lifting Contractor as a New Jersey homeowner can be daunting. Whether you’re lifting your home due residing in a flood plain, insurance requirement or are looking to replace/repair your foundation, Bravo Builders will help you each step of the way. The Home Elevation team here at Bravo Builders have experience in lifting New Jersey homes in the safest and most cost-effective manner. As a New Jersey authorized Hurricane Sandy RREM contractor, Bravo Builders has lifted many local homes for State of New Jersey grant recipients.

We have designed, as well as built, all of our NJ Home lifts. We have also completed every house lifting project in less than 5 months. We have vast knowledge and experience in the home lifting process and we get the projects done on budget and in a timely fashion.


How House Lifting or Home Elevation Works

House lifting contractors use various methods to lift homes. Depending on the location and the reason for the house lifting, house lifting or house raising contractors will choose the best method. The most common house lifting method is the use of hydraulic lifts and Cribbing Piles to secure the home several feet above the ground. This allows the New Jersey House Lifting contractors to begin excavation and masonry to build the home’s new lifted foundation. Once the new foundation is in place, the house is lowered slightly on top of the new foundation and secured in place. This additional height or repaired foundation can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of flooding and water damage. In fact, many homeowners insurance policies will decrease the homeowners’ premium following the new construction! 



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